Meet our Wonderful Board Members

Supporting a vision of creating a thriving community where all are valued, we are excited to spotlight one of our board members each month. Today we’d like to introduce you to Angie Rojas Agudelo!

Angie has been the current Chair of the Board of Directors since July of 2023. She has been active with WNC since 2020 when she started as a volunteer translator, then became a bilingual volunteer coordinator, and later joined the board. She shares:

“Being part of WNC is what made me realize we have a bigger Spanish speaking population in Waunakee than I ever imagined before, and it keeps growing!”

She started the Waunakee en Español Facebook group where they share important and useful information in Spanish that is relevant to Waunakee residents. She was also appointed to the Board of Directors for the Waunakee Public Library.

Angie considers herself a Language Justice advocate and loves to bring her perspective to places where decisions are being made. She has years of experience in the language industry as an interpreter and translator with specialties in community, medical, educational and human resources.